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Utilize these Resources for Your Payroll Information

Use these useful links for payroll forms and web resources for your payroll information. For information about our Payroll Check Writing Services contact or call us at (414) 425-5868.

The following forms are required for every new employee:

We also recommend contacting the Social Security Administration to verify the Social Security Numbers of all employees.  SSA provides an online tool at the following link to sign up for this verification service.

Required Workplace Posters:

Employers should have the above information posted in a visible location for all employees to see.  Check back regularly for updated information.

If you need a quick tool to calculate the net pay for a check, you can use the following free resource.

  • Tax Refunds & Other Helpful Resources

    Links Disclaimer:  The third party links above are provided as a service to the public.  Payrolls ‘R’ Us takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by third parties.

    Whether you are on a payroll service, writing payroll yourself or a new start-up business, setup is easy with Payrolls ‘R’ Us.  We help you with the forms and agreements and assist in gathering the conversion data and then we take it from there!

To set up your company for payroll processing services we will need:

  • Payroll Check Writing Service Agreement
  • Authorization Agreement for Transfer of Funds
  • Authorization Agreement to File Payroll Tax Forms
  • IRS Form 8655 and 8821
  • A Voided Company Payroll Check
  • Employee Information

Please note:  If you are converting from another payroll service or you are doing the payroll yourself on a software, we will utilize your current on-site reports or just print them out for us…it’s that easy!

Don’t forget to ask us about our “Go Green” Package!

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