You devote a good deal of your time and effort to running your small business and creating strategic plans for its survival and growth. While you might be incredibly busy, it’s essential that you occasionally pause to appreciate your triumphs, big and small. 

When you recognize the hard work that your team puts into the business, you are making a positive contribution to your company’s culture as well as employee satisfaction and motivation. But, it can be tough to find the time to celebrate success, and an even bigger challenge to figure out how to acknowledge those wins. Here are several ways that you can begin giving your business and its staff those well-deserved pats on the back when the time is right. 

1. Acknowledge Achievements

When someone does something outside the box or the norm, take the time to say “thank you.” This can be in a formal setting or informally, by pulling the person aside and letting them know how much their contribution was noticed and appreciated. 

2. Emphasize Equity in Your Program

If you are only celebrating top managers or the “popular” employees, it won’t go unnoticed. The rest of your staff is sure to get frustrated and resentful with such a program, and your efforts are likely to backfire. Be sure you are celebrating achievement equitably and fairly so that employees feel motivated to work towards and beyond their goals. 

3. Establish Traditions

Your company should already be doing something in the area of teambuilding. Strong teams produce better than average results, so it makes sense to prioritize this. When you have a team event, such as an outing or a meal, you can also take some time to celebrate wins over the past month or quarter. 

4. Personalize the Acknowledgement

You might think that a watch or coffee mug engraved with the company logo is a nice reward.  But, once everyone has one, it becomes a bit mundane. Employees appreciate when you take the time to learn something about them and personalize a reward. If one employee is an avid sports fan, get them some coveted game tickets. Another might be a foodie that you can reward with a restaurant gift certificate. 

5. Consider Some Time Off

You don’t have to have a formal awards ceremony every time you want to say “thank you” to employees. In fact, some people hate sitting through those events. One reward that your staff won’t soon forget, which also serves as a motivator for future performance, is some additional time off. Whether it’s half a day on Friday or an entire day, let them know why the time off is being given. 

Small businesses already face a host of challenges, making achieving your goals more stressful than ever. But, you can contribute to a positive culture within your organization and help your staff weather any storm by celebrating each success – big or small. 

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