When you’re looking for a new tax accountant, you might think it makes little difference who you select as long as the people on your short list of candidates have similar qualifications. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You also should consider how your prospective certified public accountant (CPA) bills and the type of strategy he or she uses to help meet your unique business needs. These are just two factors that can vary considerably from one tax accountant to the next.


How Does Billing Work?

It used to be that anyone who had earned the credentials to become a tax accountant billed by the hour. However, this is no longer the case. It’s common for today’s tax accountants to bill clients by the project instead. That means they consider the entire scope of the services they intend to provide and bill accordingly.

This is often an agreeable billing model for both client and accountant, but you must ensure you understand exactly what you will receive for the price. Keep in mind, it is the tax accountant who decides the value of services, not you. Be sure that you understand the expected outcome of working with a tax CPA before you agree to become a client.


Avoid Accountants Who Treat All Clients the Same

You run a unique business that requires a unique tax strategy. The best accountants understand this and know how to strategize so that your company pays as little taxes as possible. A tax accountant may know every rule, yet still be a poor fit if they are lacking in strategy and be flexibility.

A strategic tax CPA will consider how the actions your company takes today will affect it now and in the future. While neither of you know how tax laws might change, it’s still essential to place your company in the best possible position to satisfy the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for years to come.


Never Hire a Tax Accountant without Conducting an Interview

Credentials matter when it comes to hiring a tax accountant to manage your company’s obligations with the IRS and your state’s government. The best tax accountants have earned a CPA and should not hesitate to prove this qualification when you interview them. You will also want to know which professional accounting software the firm uses, as well as the research products used to stay current with tax law changes.

One last thing you should be sure to ask is whether the tax accountant takes continuing education courses and which ones. Retaining CPA licensure requires the tax accountant to take a certain number of these courses every year. It’s also important to avoid any tax CPA who states that he or she takes a percentage of your tax return as payment since this is illegal.


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